Jquery Selector worked Once and Not working Again. "All Selector "

+6 Ezubelu Anthony · June 11, 2015
I wrote an external jquery code selecting an  ID on an Onclick event, and it works and stopped. then i change its ID to a class and it worked again and stopped. right now, is no longer working. my jquery and javascript are well linked. and my jquery is working, because i tested it using inline and its still working. below are my codes.

<script type = "text/javascript" src = "http://<?php echo $_SERVER['HTTP_HOST'].'/Trice/TriceMall/Customer/Scripts/javascripts/signup-login.js'; ?>"> </script>

            <script type = "text/javascript" src = "http://<?php echo $_SERVER['HTTP_HOST'].'/Trice/TriceMall/Scripts/jQuery/jQuery.js'; ?>"> </script>

 <div id = "signup-login-button">
                                <button type = "submit" size = "30" class = "button-login" id= "login-home-button">Login</button>

                                  <button type = "submit" size = "30" class = "button-login" id = "signup-home-button">Sign Up</button>





please i need serious help. i have a project to complete. 

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0 Marco Schindler · September 6, 2015
Please describe how it is supposed to work.

For me it is doing what it is supposed to do.
Hide the Login button on click.

If I reload the page I can hide it again.


Please further describe your issue.
0 Ezubelu Anthony · August 28, 2015
still waiting
0 Ezubelu Anthony · August 3, 2015
Any Help Still
0 Ezubelu Anthony · July 23, 2015

<body onload = 'click();'>


note: the click there is the name of the function.
0 Aron Agfay · July 1, 2015
<body onload = 'click();'>

i do not get this...is it like this:


0 Ezubelu Anthony · June 29, 2015
thanks, let me give it a try then.
0 Ezubelu Anthony · June 27, 2015
please help is needed urgently....
0 Ezubelu Anthony · June 26, 2015
please is not working. it only works when i set it as a function. and at the body i will use the onload.

    <body onload = 'click();'>

0 Ezubelu Anthony · June 26, 2015
function click(){



0 Ezubelu Anthony · June 24, 2015
thanks to all of you. i will try it now. the reason is that i dont know why it cant work for me.
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