What do you do for work?

+29 Bucky Roberts · June 10, 2015
What do you guys do for work? And if you are still in school, what future job are you working towards?

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0 Payton Juneau · April 27, 2017
21 Year-old "Mobile QA Engineer" 

There's only 2 of us on the mobile team. I started out just testing updates. Then I began to get more hands on, designing updates, installing and pushing them to servers. I've now been told I'll be put somewhere in development soon.
0 Jon Eaton · April 23, 2017
I work designing, implementing and supporting networks, typically using Cisco equipment. Been a CCIE since 2002, which makes me old judging by some of the replies.

Been doing bits of scripting over the years, mainly in Perl. Have a young son who is likely to be hitting python soon in school soon, so have started doing some learning and came across your videos.

Thanks, am impressed with the content and delivery.
0 Jeff Rice · April 23, 2017
I am a company trainer for Amazon.com, however I am looking to switch careers very soon.  I am finishing my Associate's Degree in Software Development in December and will be looking for work.

Love the tutorials, they have helped me a lot during my school work and other projects.
0 Brin Mag · April 23, 2017
I went to school for Ms in Biotechnology and owned a OD load transport broker company. I had an undiagnosed fatal genetic heart condition which literally killed me (stopping my heart for 7 mins minor sinus rythm regained by Defib going back into a severe degrading LongQT in ambulance causing another Cardiac Arrest arrived in ER as a DOA immediate life support put me in a coma for 7 days and left me a 5% chance of living to be a vegetable. I already had CompTia A+, Network+ and Security+ certs. I obviously survived in a non vegetative state. I had to sale my business to pay my hospital debt and my assets (which i started at age 22). I had only held my MS for 6 months when this occurred 7 years ago. im 33. Severe brain damage left in a state of severe psychosis for a year. And diffuse traumatic brain damage makes learning and memory very difficult but slowly over time by constantly plugging away and trying to reteach myself everything forgotten my brain has healed much my IQ is climbing and so are all other functions. I am on disability and relearning my cyber security self taught chops from the passion for it i picked up in 5th grade. I cannot pin down advanced biochemistry organic chemistry etc etc. I have spent years trying to relearn all my college lessons. I am doing very well with the cyber security and pen testing stuff. That old knowledge seems to have not gotten lost like most of everything else that entered my brain after middle school. With such certs behind me i can do pen testing, networking, cybersecurity type jobs from home and work around my disabilities. 

I give this story with my answer for everyone else's benefit especially students.  I had a 6 figure income from my own business while barely past 21 in college and breezing through. I was very successful I Graduated was beginning a 2nd Ms first of its kind offered for "Pharmaceutical Chemistry" as a specified field in biotech, I was fit and super healthy got all my check ups and so on. I never though or considered some health thing would come out of nowhere and take everything from me, that at the least Drs would catch something not miss it. Well they missed it and i lost everything i had done to move forward in life. If your on your way to where you want to be or are already there cover all your bases have a fallback net. Spend money on insurance that will cover millions it may be very expensive but you never know. Due to my business i had to have massive amounts of insurance but not on myself. And i did not get any kind of insurance in the form of anything except basic health insurance to cover me instead of a debilitating event. Medical is the most expensive service there is be covered and be covered well do not chance it with sub par to save money. Your future and your potential as well as all the work and money spent to get there is priceless,, do not take the functionality of your brain and body for granted either treat them both well you do not want to know what it feels like to achieve your dreams and lose them with the only blame being "I did not insure myself enough". For a man nothing can be more emasculating then being a great provider and achiever to what i consider not to far removed from a mooch. 
Bucky your videos and the time you have taken to teach.... i owe you so much for for some reason with me it clicks it stays. Where text books and 4 different supplemental study books fail me. Your videos succeed especially in conjunction with text books. I'm done going back over linux and networking security. Microsoft Server. Os and Hardware/Vware. Re Acclimating myself with current pen tools and new tools. Rebuilding my Python C Ruby Java(s) .net html chops Before I move onto a few other needed languages. And trying to absorb the new stuff that didn't exist 7 yrs back. IoT, Android Dev, Cellular Hardware/Softwares for Cell Net Topologies,Cloud Computing,  Micro devices etc.... Its like starting all over again at 33. What killed me is as rare as a lottery win Surviving it is as rare as a lottery win. My brains healing faster and faster almost like its snowballing once again 
I cannot express in words the gratitude i have for your time and effort. 
Education is something everyone should be engaged in throughout life no matter age. But with higher education you pretty much only get one shot (if your talking really great universities) So everyone going to or in do not waste any of it. What they offer and the services your getting are much more important then being in any set group, having a bunch of friends who most aren't real friends , I wish now i would of put much more effort to my time in college shot for earlier finishing and i could of had a job and PPO while working on 2nd Ms and would not be teaching myself at 33 what i was teaching myself in 5th grade through freshman high school. 
It all changes in literally milliseconds. So many people die from it yet its not detectable as the killer and gets written as a heart attack LongQt Sydrome is a killer without warning or time to process your dying, Can hit anytime triggered by anything or  nothing. Get heart checkups on regular basis and ask for genetic syndrome/disease blood testing.    
0 Buck Gillispie · April 23, 2017
Currently a security officer at a poultry processing facility. Not many options where I live. 25 year veteran musician...retired from that in 2014 due to financial strain. Returning to school in the fall to complete AS in Computer Science. Currently doing online courses in ComptiaA+ cert, and full stack web dev from freeCodeCamp, as well as your courses on python...when complete going to do your courses on C programming. Im shooting toward getting the three Comptia certs and landing a job as IT technician...moving from there to getting my CEH, CSSP, and CCNA certs, in order to move up the payscale and continue to challenge myself. Would eventually like to make my own Android Apps and do freelance stuff as I approach retirment.
0 Khashif Meerun · April 23, 2017
I work as a Graphic Designer on Jeanologia's Laser Machine in a Jeans Factory.
0 Samuel Martin · April 23, 2017
I'm a self-taught (and failed!) web developer, and am working as a florist in a local shop in Switzerland. I know it sounds silly, but this is my career path. I hope to be able to be 100% in programming by the end of 2017
0 christopher noah · April 23, 2017
I work for World... My main aim of work is to spread happiness to the environment where I work
0 saad sunny · April 23, 2017
i am in my 30s now and still fuckin lookin for what the fuch do i do? 8-)
0 mav r · April 23, 2017

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