What do you do for work?

+12 Bucky Roberts · June 10, 2015
What do you guys do for work? And if you are still in school, what future job are you working towards?

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0 Sufyan Saeed · January 19, 2017
I am a Welder, i stopped going to college like 4 years ago when i was in my 1st year of college, by western standards it's like high school.
0 Mikasa freaks · November 1, 2016
am i still at school too. anyways there's a motivational quote that "make your Passion be your profession! " #INFOSEC is sick for me however im just a noob
0 Mikasa freaks · November 1, 2016
sir bucky? lets assume that your having a final project, what would you prefer to create as a python wizard? 
0 Suman Banerjee · October 22, 2016
I am working as a freelance web developer since 2012. I am learning new things from your YouTube channel. Currently learning Python. Thank you so much :)
0 Branislav Lazic · October 21, 2016
Java/Scala developer at the moment.
+1 Margo Mitt · October 14, 2016
Junior Java developer.
0 Jan Kiel · August 7, 2016
Now, in summertime, I began internship in IT Company in city i study (of course, i am studying ICT ;) ). I used to learn about STM32 microcontrollers (really nice, i have no prior experience with microcontrollers, in exception of one, or two subjects with Atmega on course), but now, in the internship, I joined the Android project.
0 lawrence anyanwu · August 7, 2016
i'm still in school but the course am studying does not relate to IT. so am trying to establish my own IT company after school..
+1 shane warne · August 7, 2016
WANTED to do adminsteration of hadoop
0 Sampan Verma · August 6, 2016

Just joking, sucking at school currently!!!

Feeling like a hero because know much more PC dev than other kids.

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