What do you do for work?

+29 Bucky Roberts · June 10, 2015
What do you guys do for work? And if you are still in school, what future job are you working towards?

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+3 Daniel B Scanlon · June 11, 2015
I am still at school but working to try and set up networks and online databases :)
+4 Adrian Veliz · June 11, 2015
Still in school, working towards programming, but not sure what field I'd get into yet. I'll be taking my school's computer science course next year.
+2 Jonas Meise · June 11, 2015
Atm I am just about to finish school^^ Final exams next week.
Afterwards I want to study IT :)
+2 Ian Arbuckle · June 11, 2015
Finished my 2nd year in college and while in college I also facilitated a learning session with freshers in their introduction to programming modules. Right now for the summer, a web and app development internship with a popular Irish youth organisation. 

So yeah, I see myself exploring a career in web and app development.
+2 Barik Yusif · April 20, 2016
Am working towards programming, web developing, network administering, IT consultancy and any other type of IT related jobs
+1 Mike Stevenson · August 3, 2016
I'm working as a web developer
+2 Scott Walker · August 3, 2016
Software Developer in Angular JS and Web API 2 and C# asp.net mvc
0 Grant Pye · August 3, 2016
Aircraft Designer
+1 Pramod Rao · August 4, 2016
Um... I am still in 9th grade..
But I wanna be a web and graphics designer..!!!
Or a software programmer...
Or both..:P:D
+1 Aafaq Ali · August 5, 2016
just finished my 2nd year in collage ...and now i am looking forward to be an Android Dev :) pretty cool huh !

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