which is the best Windows commend line tools?

0 imran h · June 10, 2015
Hi Bucky   ..i am using windows 7 and i have to do use command line so frequently.  i am not like windows default command prompt instead i am using git bash . Now  tell me which is the best windows command line tools which give me the Linux or Mac oX like  functionality ?  I watch Your  Networking tutorials in windows platform  where you use a different commandLine tool. which is that?

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+1 Jagdeep Matharu · June 25, 2015
I havnt seen any comand line tool for windows, which is as efficient as LINUX and UNIX Command Line, but there are some that you can use which can give you some close features of LINUX and UNIX.

Try cygwin and bash. Most Linux users use bash so I'm guessing that's the console you are referring to.


CYgwin provides functionality similar to LINUX.

Have a try :) 
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