I am getting this error while creating my first test project !!!!!!!!!! Pls help !!!

0 Rajan Singh · June 10, 2015

What can be the problem ??

here is my system configuration:


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+1 Alex 0 · June 10, 2015
sorry wrong link XD

+1 Brian Mader · June 10, 2015
I had the same problem . First go into theme where it says Dark Action Bar and change it to Material Light for now . Next  you need to change the API to 5.0.1 . I  had to go into the SDK and install the files for Android 5.0.1 ( API 21 ) and then change the MNC in Android Studio to 5.0.1 . After you go into the SDK and install the files for API 5.0.1 go back into Android Studio and click on the little Android guy where it says MNC and you will see a drop down menu. There you will see the different API versions you can select .  Select 5.0.1 in the drop down menu. This should bring up the phone emulator image in your project. Give it a few seconds and it will come up .  It seems a lot of us who have watched the YouTube tutorials are having these issues because Android Studio has been updated since the making of the videos. The other error message at the bottom is fixed by clicking on the link " Open File Encoding Settings "  in the message and changing the windows1252 to UTF-8 then save changes . Hope this helps . It seems like the mods or members are worn out from answering the same questions because it seems like it is very hard to get a response to questions on the forum . I have posted a few questions that I am still waiting for a response on also.  am just learning myself so I am trying to share what I have figured out on my own so far . 
0 Alex 0 · June 10, 2015
StackOverflow always has the solution.


It worked for me.
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