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+2 Rayyan Merchant · June 9, 2015
I am a beginner and am familiar with html and css .But i don't know what kind of website i should start developing any help would be appreciated .
Thank You

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0 alex constantin · June 9, 2015
Make a simple portfolio website, with images, text and a simplistic design. Just a suggestion
0 Siamon Hasan · June 10, 2015
Why not start making  something like that..
0 Rayyan Merchant · June 13, 2015
Thanx a lot for your help
0 Abdullah Nauman · June 14, 2015
Make a comerical site for a relative. Thats how I started 

Here is what I made: 
0 alex constantin · June 14, 2015
Like Kayler said, make a simple utility website, which has a random number generator, a word counter, etc.
0 Rayyan Merchant · June 14, 2015
Thanks guys for all your help
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