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+2 Abu Bakkar Siddique · June 9, 2015

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0 Dol Lod · June 9, 2015
We can't see the relevant files.
0 Alper Akgoz · June 10, 2015
Have you created constructors and destructor for myclass?
0 Abu Bakkar Siddique · June 10, 2015
Yes i did and i checked all my code many time but couldn't find any reason for error. but when i closed codeblock and reopen the project file, it ran without error so i guess the problem was with codeblock not with my code.
0 Scott Walker · June 10, 2015
Save your project, close Code::Blocks then re open.

Seems to be a bug in Code::Blocks
0 Abu Bakkar Siddique · June 12, 2015
Yes there is bug in Code::Blocks. I saved my project and reopen it and guess what it worked fine with any error. I am glad that
there is no error in my code.
0 Scott Walker · June 12, 2015
For future reference, it is good practice to capitalise your class names :-)
0 Abu Bakkar Siddique · June 12, 2015
Got that, Thanks
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