New to Web Development......need help????

+1 Amit Bansal · June 7, 2015
hey guys i am new to this field and very excited to learn and explore this area....
i am a little confused about which language should i start with when it comes to web development...
is it java, html, javascript, php, or html 5???
plzz help me out in choosing anyone...
i am just a begineer in this field.......

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+3 alex constantin · June 7, 2015
If you do not know of HTML yet, then you must get familiarised with it because it is very important. Then, learn CSS to give your website colours and overall styling. Then, if you want to make your website interactive, you should learn JavaScript (not Java) and PHP.

But first of all, if you do not know how HTML works, then you must know how it works and it's structure
0 mohamed rida · June 7, 2015
thank you alex 
0 John smith · June 8, 2015
If you want to go for an object oriented programming language, java is the best to start with.
+3 Kaveh Greenwood · June 9, 2015
HTML > CSS > Javascript & jQuery > PHP
+1 Mudit Bhutani · June 9, 2015
master javascript before going to php and make something before starting php
0 Amit Bansal · June 11, 2015
thank you alex constantin for ur detailed help.....thanks guys for the will help me a lot
+2 Abdullah Nauman · June 11, 2015
I started of with learning HTML and CSS together as I went along. Much of what I learned was simply through studying other's code. Don't try to just watch tutorials and memorize a bunch of concepts. I speak from experience. the best way to learn programming is to create a simple application with what you learn first. Like for example the first thing you will learn is how to display text, so make a webpage with that. Then when you learn how to bold, make a simple sentence with bold words. Then when you learn span, try to create a multi color paragraph, along with other things you learned to make it useful. Take what you learn and implement it as you go. 

Wish you best of luck on you journy. Web Development is one of the best aspects of computer programming,.

Side Note:

You can also make native apps, and desktop applications with HTML CSS and JavaScript. 
0 Oussama Fahchouch · June 17, 2015

That's alot of webdevelopment.

U can start at

Or search for videos of teamtreehouse and
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