Media Queries separate css files?

+1 Jonas Meise · June 6, 2015
Hey Guys

I came across media queries recently and think it is a cool way to make a responsive design. The question I have is:

Does it make more sense to create a separate media query css sheet and include that in every html/php file or should I pack all the media queries just in the main css at the bottom?

-> Is it just that one might be looking more organized than the other or is there any performance difference depending on which way I do it?

Thanks for helping out :)


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+2 Kaveh Greenwood · June 9, 2015
I like to use separate files for media queries depending on the size of the website. For me it's more of an organizational tick to me. It's easier for me to know which file a specific sized media query is instead of scrolling through one large file.
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