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0 Glenn Walker · June 4, 2015
I am looking at the MYSQL tutorial here and want to ensure that it will meet my needs.  I am developing some applications using an ACCESS database in a Visual Basic Shell.  I am at the point where I am starting to setup a number of queries and have been working in the SQL language to do so (to be honest I don't even know if there are alternatives to that and don't really care).
Other than the problems one would expect with learning a new language and how to fit it into the applications that are being developed, it seems to be rather straightforward and not TOO difficult.  

What I have been doing is using a book that I have that was designed to work with a SQL database, but I have just been using my ACCESS in its place.  This seems to work OK, so I do not see any particular problems with adapting the text book to my needs.  Having said that I want to go through the SQL tutorial here and would like to know if it is as easily adapted to my ACCESS/Visual Basic applications as is the book I currently am using. My problem with the book is that I just don't soak things up very well from that type of teaching format.  Additionally,  the biggest problem I am having is the amount of data I have to put into the database to be able to work with what the text book wants me to do as well as the time spent setting up the database, relationships and connection strings to work with Visual Basic.

So what I am asking is whether or not this tutorial set will be able to help me significantly from my selected work environment?

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0 buhayko toledo · June 7, 2015
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0 Dave . · June 8, 2015
To be honest the tutorials are really basic in nature and depending on your skill level may or may not advance your skill set. 

My guess is that you will find some that help and others that you already know well enough to skip. It is usually a good idea to watch them, the material you are familiar with is sometimes reinforced or advanced by viewing a different approach to its implementation.

I find myself that the best way for me to learn is to read it in written form, view it in a video demonstration (tutorial) and hands on experience. (break it, put it back together and hope it works again)

So you may not benefit from the tutorials but you have probably blown more time in other useless activities than you will by watching these tutorials. I know I have. :)
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