Which language(s) are best for a Classifieds type website?

+1 Graham Mackie · June 4, 2015

I'm relatively new to web development so I'm looking for opinions on which would be the most appropriate programming language(s) to create a website along the same lines as http://www.apolloduck.com/, this is just a good example that I could find. 
Basically an advertising site made up of categories where users can advertise their item with a choice of multiple pricing models such as free, standard and premium ad packages and all the functionality that comes with a site of this type. 
I just need an idea of which languages would be better to focus on learning first.  I’ve read a lot about ruby on rails, would rails be good for this? Or should go with HTML5, Javascript, MySQL, php? 
 Thanks in advance.

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0 Graham Mackie · June 5, 2015
Yeah thought so thanks.
0 Sampan Verma · June 5, 2015
HTML, CSS, PHP and MySQL.       JavaScript to some extent
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