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+1 Rehman . · June 3, 2015
Can anybody tell me whats the "Market Share" of Web development?
In how many different way its growing

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0 Cardinal Coog · June 3, 2015
Where are the moderators to remove junk like this?

This website is quickly becoming useless because it's overrun with people who cannot take the time to actually post a relevant question/solution. All they seem to do is paraphrase their homework assignment and hope to have someone else solve it for them.

Clean it up.
0 Rehman . · June 3, 2015
Watch your mouth, its not my assignment and surely you don't know what i'm up to so be quite if you have nothing good to say!
0 Cardinal Coog · June 3, 2015
Watch my mouth?  What are you going to do?

Sure does sound like a threat to me.... I'm fairly certain that is against the rules.

You asked a very open ended question with very little detail. If you want help; try to give specifics. Not "Market Share of web development". What about market share? Are you referring to NYSE, NASDAQ?

BTW, you might want to learn a little English before you start programming. Especially, the difference between "its" and "it's" and "quite" and "quiet".

0 Rehman . · June 4, 2015
Yea now you are making some sense. I needed these fields where i can look up stuff like what the share going on of web development related to other dev. I don't think NYSE would tell us that, it maybe more like a report or research showing the past statistics !
0 Cardinal Coog · June 4, 2015
I still don't know what it is that you really want to know. But, I think this article and graph might point you in the right direction.
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