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+2 Gaurav Sirola · June 3, 2015
Should I learn Java, or Complete C(including C++ and C#)?

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+2 Sampan Verma · June 4, 2015
Java is more appropriate
0 dishant passi · June 4, 2015
Complete isn't anything ! C# itself is something equivalent and as wide language as java .. so both are different in their own domains . Go  for C++ as a whole 
0 Sampan Verma · June 5, 2015
It depends on you, what type of app do you want to build, how fast should app run, how should the app looks and the most important how big codes do you want to write.

As I know Complete C introduces all the aspects of a programming language should have -> Classes and Stuff.
But app developement, we dont want to how structure of a language is, we want how powerful the language is.

C is the very basic language.
C++ is for beginners, so that their concepts get clear.
C# can only run on a Windows machine.
Java has a lot more better libraries.
0 Anton Wieslander · June 5, 2015
I'd say learn them Both. You can't just be a master in 1 Language that's not what this is about.
You will need to learn about 5+ languages.

And from what I know C# is almost a copy of Java. 
C++ I wouldn't say it's for beginners. Still need to have a lot of knowledge to write efficient code.
0 Gaurav Sirola · June 6, 2015
okay thank you everyone!
0 Donald Trump · June 3, 2015
Learn programming languages for whatever platform you want to build your applications.
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Java / Android Development


Very popular language used to create desktop applications, website applets, and Android apps.

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