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+1 Eyuel Gorfu · June 3, 2015
Hello people

I am in the process of learn android studio to build an app.  Not sure how off topic this is but when do servers play a role in storing saved app data from users. Does google already provide them for free. In essence, when do we need servers? do all apps need servers?  

Help me out, starter here 
Thank you 

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0 Marina Gournianaki · June 3, 2015
Hello. You basically need a server when you want to send and receive information from somewhere else outside your app. For example if you want to make a simple contact app you should have a database to store peoples info. You can store these data in your phone memory but keep in mind that in time your app will need more and more space which is not very efficient. So you set a database in a server and exchange data with it.
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