When to use disabled in forms ?

+1 pratt 15 · July 4, 2014
hey, can anyone explain me about the disabled property in the forms ,ie when they are used and why they are used.

<input type="checkbox" name="notify" disabled="true" />
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0 Steven the awesome · July 17, 2014
Yep I agree with Alan! :)
0 Joseph Mancuso · July 19, 2014
Ive also used the disabled property to prevent users from clicking something if they weren't logged in like a trade request. remember to use other features to verify a button or a form field should be disabled to prevent users from finding bugs and messing around with things
0 Alan Johnson · July 16, 2014
Think of a login or registration form, you don't want the user to be able to attempt to submit the form without filling out their username, password etc... so you disable the submit button until that is done.
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