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0 Aashish Tripathi · June 2, 2015
I've just installed Android Studio and when I click on the run app button, it shows me a rendering problem which says : This version of the rendering library is more recent than your version of android studio. Please update android studio. 

But the thing is that I already have the latest  version of Android Studio.
Please help me out.
Thanks guys

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0 Kumar Raja Chamarty · June 2, 2015
Facing the same issue guys. Please let us know the solution soon.
0 darshan gala · June 2, 2015
same with me
+1 Jeff T. · June 2, 2015
Right above the display phone/ window there is a small tool bar which has about 7 choices, the Nexus phone drop down, your display options 'light', and on the right is the little android figure which probably has MNC next to him. Click the drop down and change to API 22: Android 5.1.1. That should do it, I had the same problem and this worked for me.

Good Luck
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