Hi guys & girls,

I have some experiences in Java and recently started to learn basics of the Android Studio.

Can you please explain me the logic of the connection between Touch Sensitivity/ Multiple Events Listener?

For instance, this case is used while pushing a 'menu' button and scrolling up and down the list of device's active (opened) apps.

I want to understand how to write and implement the code of the principle of <<touch and scroll stronger - list (thumb through) the apps faster and vice-versa (touch gently and smoothly - and slowly look through all the apps)>> and <<closing some concrete app by moving a finger to the right/ left>>. (* for better visual understanding see the image attached.)

As I have got, there is also an option of using the same code in apps, for scrolling/viewing images, etc., isn't it?

Please provide me some link to that code and if possible mention if is this theme explained/ described in some of 77 new tutorials on the topic 'Android - Beginners' recorded by Bucky, as this is some kind of an exercise which I need to report and explain in just one day.

P.S.: It's my very first post on this website, hence sorry if it's too long or unclear! =d

Thank you so much beforehand,