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+1 Jonas Meise · June 1, 2015
Hey guys I am currently programming a website:
Just wanted to know what you guys think about the design and if you have any things that you don't like or I should change
somehow. It's not a finished product yet. I also try to add some responsive behaviour when you make your window smaller but that is not finished yet so it might look a bit crappy when you do that.

I'm open for suggestions and idea on how to improve it more 
and thanks for your replies :)

Greetings LuPaw

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0 Ian Arbuckle · June 1, 2015
The navbar is not bad and if you want to design a fully responsive website I'd suggest trying out frameworks such as Bootstrap and Foundation.
0 Jonas Meise · June 2, 2015
Okay I will look into that a bit :) 
0 TAYO AREGBEYEN · June 2, 2015
nice work.. ??
0 Sampan Verma · June 4, 2015
Maybe if not either css framework listed by Ian Arbuckle then try using percentages.
Though I think these type of sites aren't going to work in the future of web. Try improving your CSS Skills
0 buhayko toledo · June 5, 2015
how to upload my website for free webhosting??
0 Jonas Meise · June 5, 2015
I don't know any good free webhosting services because I uploaded my site to hostpoint where my father has an account^^ So for me it's free because my father pays  but normally it wouldn't be :P
0 Siamon Hasan · June 6, 2015
so here is my version creating your navigation bar..

i don't think you need any css framework. But if you like to create responsive website, it can be done by media query.

why not take a look at this one..

0 Jonas Meise · June 6, 2015
Ye I think my website should be more ore less responsive by now. I used media queries because they looked like a good solution to me and I didn't want to use framework like Bootstrap because that is like a part of your website is not programmed by yourself. Since I am trying to improve my programming skills while creating the website I thought it would be lame to use bootstrap.

In the current version my website should also display in a readable way on mobile phones but I'm not sure if that is the case on all phones since I only for sure know that it works on mine (Sony Xperia Z3 compact).
0 Jonas Meise · June 7, 2015
Okay I made it more responsive now with media queries and even have added a mobile view :) What do you guys think now? Any more visual or functional suggestions?
+1 Kaveh Greenwood · June 9, 2015
Hey I really like your website and the responsiveness. I like how it collapses and expands as I change the browser size. It's very good for a new website.

What I would do is change the media query for max-width: 1375px. The logo is too far down from the navigation. I am on 1600x900 resolution and this was checked in the latest IE, Chrome, and Firefox.

@media only screen and (max-width: 1375px) and (min-width: 951px)
#indeximg {
margin-top: 25px;
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