How are updates in fb, tnb, twitter remain stored and concurrent even after logging out? What program language should I use to get such effect?

0 ABHISHEK SINHA · June 1, 2015
I have made a small website for my college just to create a community. But input data resets off instantly I log out. I want to achieve same results as other social network sites but don't have any idea regarding it. What programming language is mainly responsible for storing user's data and displaying it in descending order just like TNBs and facebooks? I also want to add a like and comment section in it too. If there's any video tutorial regarding it that would be more better. Please help me here...  

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0 ABHISHEK SINHA · June 2, 2015
However, I know Database Sql but yet I have failed to loop up the updates and prevent them from getting  deleted after logging out. Is there any tutorial kind stuff you know please let me know as well...
0 Sampan Verma · June 3, 2015
Goto and then enter PHP section. and then goto Database part. Read it and I dont think you know Database or Loops in PHP
0 ABHISHEK SINHA · June 4, 2015
Yes I'm new in php and databases but I think I got your point. Thank you Sampan and Clark.
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