I'm about to give up on all of this. Error Message

0 Joseph Rogers · May 31, 2015
"This computer does not support Intel Virtualization Technology (VT-x), HAXM cannot be installed. Please refer to the Intel HAXM documentation for more information."

I installed it from the Manager, from the SDK Folder, and it just doesn't work.
I found out my computer doesn't support the Intel Virtualization either. Does this mean I can't continue?

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0 Matthew W · August 24, 2015
0 Kristoffer Bello · June 1, 2015
If your pc is not supported by intel. I guess you would not be able to use it. I dunno , if there is any other possibility.
0 Swapnil Srivastav · June 1, 2015
If you are using Windows 8 , then follow these steps :-

Go to Control Panel ? Program and Feature.

 Click on Turn Window Features on and off.

 A window opens. Uncheck Hyper-V option

and restart your system.

Now, you can Start HAXM installation without any error.
+1 Rich Sharma · June 1, 2015
had that problem too with my old computer. i think it basically means your computer does not have enough storage to support the avd. like what austin suggested, you could just use an android device, but i do develop for android and i don't own a android device since the avd was pretty good. until you get enough storage, or buy a new computer, you could try developing with eclipse on the old thenewboston videos with travis.
0 Austin DeWitt · June 1, 2015
oh....I didn't read your last sentence for some reason....so just disregard my last comment if you want. 

If you have an android device you should be able to connect to it and test all of your apps on it, like I said in my previous comment, that is what I do. Just enable developer options on your device and you are good to go, If you are not sure how to do so, there are plenty of 30 second tutorials on how to do so.
0 Austin DeWitt · May 31, 2015
My laptop was experiencing that problem as well, I looked up a tutorial on how to turn on virtualization and it worked, but I gave up on using the emulator anyways because it was soo slow, I just use my android phone instead. but anyways i will try to find the link to the video I watched.


I just followed his steps as best as I could and it eventually worked haha, but he shows you how to check to see if your computer can even support it and everthing. Oh and the thing he has you download to test your computers settings is safe, so no need to worry about that.

Hopefully I helped! Good Luck!!:)
0 Cardinal Coog · May 31, 2015
I had the same problem not long ago. The processor in my "old" laptop, "HP Pavilion dv9627 cl",  cannot support HAXM.

I gave up on learning to code Android until I have the extra money to buy a new computer. In the meantime, you could always learn C, C#, C++, Python, etc until you get a newer system. Learning other languages might make learning Android that much easier when you get a newer computer.

Good luck!
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