Where and How do I purchase an affordable website to push my code into?

+1 Shane Dharan · May 30, 2015
Hi Everyone! 

I want to create a website that has my resume on it, and I'm thinking I could maybe use some api to link to my linkedin. I went on GoDaddy and they were asking for $80 a year -.-" They said I need the hosting feature to upload my code, is that true? What are the steps needed build my own website, I know I have to purchase my own domain but is there anything else I need to buy?

Sorry for all the questions :P Any help will be appreciated!! 

Thank you,

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0 Robert Dowson · June 1, 2015
Hi Shane,

I wouldnt recommend you to go with Godaddy. They are not for hosting. Please just purchase domain from them, I believe they are cheapest registrar for domain. For hosting, please just find other hosting provider.

If you want to build your resume site and you are not familiar with any code or build website, I would recommend you to use Wordpress CMS. This is the best CMS and I really love to use it. It has many plugins that can help you to manage your site. You dont need to understand the code. You can simply learn it by yourself.

For hosting, I use hostforlife.eu. They are quite cheap and provide unlimited feature. Hope this help!
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