is this php series relevent to 2015 updates..

0 Ganesh veera · May 29, 2015
Is this tutorial series are useful for 2015 newbies because this series is produced in 2011 or it up-to-date......answer me please ...

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0 tanu tanu · July 16, 2015
It will go fine till video 120 and when you enters connecting the mysql database , then you will start getting warning that mysql will be removed and you need to use mysqli and then the tutorial becomes headache but still bucky is there , 
After that you can refer to
0 Ian Arbuckle · May 30, 2015
The part where Alex starts using mysql you should refer to his channel phpacademy where he has updated tutorials on that section.
0 Steven the awesome · May 30, 2015
There have been many update since, but you can still learn something of it.
0 Javier Perez · May 30, 2015
Yes, as long as you are aware that there have been updates.
0 Steven the awesome · May 29, 2015
Have you ever done something with php?
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