C# game in 3D??

0 tisoy tisoy · July 4, 2014
hi guys

our professor assigned us a project to be pass in our finals..to create a 3D game in c#.
but i am a beginner in programming and i don't have an experience of making a 3D game.
only i know is basic form application and making a simple console game in c# and c++.

i don't know how to start my project and i don't have a concept yet..
plsss can someone help me.. I need advice..or tutorial or something can help me.. plsssss.

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0 tisoy tisoy · July 5, 2014
yes my professor said that framework is allowed in the project sir Lachlan Chant....but i don't have any idea about frameworks yet..
Right now i am studying about frameworks and thinking about my game concept.
0 tisoy tisoy · July 5, 2014
thank you sir...
but i am confused in the DirectX and SDL you said, what is the difference of the DirectX and SDL to frameworks like XNA???
can you gave me a name of a game in DirectX  and framework....plsss sir

and how about SUPER MARIO,,,, TETRIS,,,,COUNTER STRIKE where they belong??
sorry for my inconvenience sir... i am beginner i hope you understand.
0 tisoy tisoy · July 6, 2014
My finals is on october, On monday July 7 I will pass the title and Concept of the game.

But our professor will be checking the progress of the game every week until we reach the final.

i have a game title but is not original and i'am not sure if this will be accepted. The game is Rapid Roll,,of course you know this one.
this is the sample photos of the rapid roll
can you give me some title and a concept of a game sir cause if this will be rejected i don't have a backup title.
0 tisoy tisoy · July 6, 2014
wow.... thank you to all who replied

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