Who is the best rapper now and of alltime

0 Number Double07 · May 29, 2015
I say Gucci Mane 

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+1 Troy Jones · May 29, 2015
Eazy E...
+1 Javier Perez · May 30, 2015
Logic for me, but out of the eye of the public? Then that would be Tupac.
0 Number Double07 · May 30, 2015
logic is super talented with his wordflow.  i actually wouldn't know anything bout him if i didn't decide to lookup the lyrics of a song on an nba 2k video on youtube.  underrated rapper. 
+1 Donald Trump · May 30, 2015
Everyone in this song, but i'd go for Busta Rhymes (4:07)  if I had to choose one. Did he even take one freakin' breath while talking that fast?! Damn..

+2 Alex 0 · June 4, 2015
The Notorious BIG
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