What you need to get a job!!!

0 mike richardson · May 29, 2015
I think a category needs to be created for people looking to get into any area of IT can ask questions and hopefully those of us in potions that deal with hiring can give some advice.

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0 Branislav Lazic · June 1, 2015

I had views about online job. But after trying half a year, I realized only way you can get job is only after you do something really exceptional. Believe me forget online job. Try googling "Google Careers" and then find nearby Google Center. That's where you can prove your skills

You got to be joking. I never created anything exceptional and still, I had no troubles in getting a job. Statement about Google is nothing but laughable (sorry, but it just is). And about what skills you are talking about? Programming skills? What about skills that reflect your personality? Ability to lead team, ability to learn, to listen, to work in stressful situations? You think you can prove them in such a short time as a single interview? Wrong! 
But hey! You are just 15. With all do respect, you don't understand how software industry works. Yet...
0 mike richardson · June 1, 2015
I have to agree with Branislav on his point. When i ask if they have written anything outside of school i don't care if they just set up a basic DB and built a UI to organize their moms recipe cards. I just want something to show me that they can do with out being told.
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