0 Sampan Verma · May 29, 2015
I think that in Forum page, site should not show who posted the topic. I mean the author of the topic should be kept hidden. Believe me I think there is something which stops people from answering some of the questions

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+3 William Frost · May 30, 2015
I think we all must end this topic with two words:
That's. Racist.
Here is a bloody photo so no one will be sad
+1 Tatrasiel R · May 30, 2015
Why do you think that? You don't see the colour of my skin. You don't know my nationality? Can you hear my accent when I speak? I think often people are asking terrible questions, like Plz HELLLP! . 

Personally, I don't see the name of who posts these, nor do I remember these bad posters. Also hiding the name wouldn't keep the bad questions at bay.

Where is Frost when I need him !?  In the immortal words of Frost.

This is Racist!
I know , I was there. 
+1 Cardinal Coog · May 30, 2015
The most racist people I've ever been unfortunate enough to meet are the ones who are always looking for racism and claiming discrimination when in reality there is none. People are more likely to ignore you because you asked an unreasonable question rather than ignore you because of the color of your skin/ethnicity.  
0 Troy Jones · May 30, 2015
Ya dude. We don't care what you are. Why would we?
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