Far Cry 4: Not responding?

0 Sampan Verma · May 29, 2015
I just downloaded Far Cry 4. It haves 3 built in cracks ALI213,SKIDROW and one other. My PC is the fastest among my friends(RAM is good as well as Video Memory is high). Far Cry 4 doesnt work on my PC but works on all of my friend's PC.
Problem is that it just stops responding. Steps which it take to open ->
1) Open my PC
2) Open my User Account (i am on windows)
3) Click on Far Cry 4 Icon on desktop

A Black Screen Appears which seems never ending.
4) I press Ctrl+ Alt+ Del
5) I choose Task Manager ( so that i can close the process)
6) Then a message comes from Far Cry 4 saying It is not responding.

I am getting sick buggy games.
I loved Far Cry 3 and want to play this sequel.

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+1 Dave . · June 2, 2015
So are you saying you have a cracked game that will not run? 

If so then you need to check the forum rules


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0 Cardinal Coog · June 2, 2015
Whoa, be careful there Dave.... He's the one who thinks everyone is discriminating against him. You wouldn't want to hurt his feelings, now would you?
0 Sampan Verma · June 3, 2015
Sorry guys I misspelt. Cracks => Patches. They are provided by Far Cry Company itself. You can check it yourself. 
Moreover I found the problem.
Minimun Requirements:-
DX11 compatible GPU

DX10 compatible GPU
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