What Parts of the C# Course Should I Really Pound Into My Skull if I Want to Make a Game in Unity?

0 Angelica Dalgetty · May 29, 2015
Of course, I'm going to pay attention to all of the courses, but what would you suggest I should really focus on the most to help aid me in scripting a game in Unity?
You can also shove some parts of the Python and Java tutorials at me, if you believe those would help a lot in Unity scripts.

I guess I should also mention that what I'm planning on working on is a 3D RPG. (Which actually started out as a 2D project in RPG Maker VX Ace, but I really wanted to go above and beyond that with this project.)

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0 Alper Akgoz · June 3, 2015
Assuming you already know the basics of programming loops, conditionals etc. I'd say focus on events, timers and file i/o. Events for making your game functional of course, timers can be useful for respawning and things like that, and file i/o for storing game settings, and player progress. Also threading would be helpful to make your game run faster.
0 Cardinal Coog · June 3, 2015
I take it for granted that you've already been through Unity's tutorials (roll-a-ball, matching game, etc)

With 3d gaming I would pay attention to lighting/shades/shadows  Those might seem minute, and are often times overlooked, but those qualities make the game much more appealing..
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