best books to learn ubuntu commands?

+2 pratt 15 · July 4, 2014
Which are the best books to learn commands in ubuntu (for beginner) ?

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+3 Predrag Kostic · July 4, 2014
I haven't read any books about it yet, but if you're new to Linux you should take a look here:
And this is a good start too:
+1 Nathan Lloyd · July 22, 2014
The book of Google ;)
0 Colonel Panic · October 13, 2014

Free PDF ^
0 Susan Moss · November 12, 2014
Here, a nice collection of (free as in free beer) Linux books...
0 Source Slayer · July 19, 2014
Ubuntu is an operating system, there are no "ubuntu commands." The commands you are referring to are probably programs run from the terminal. Unix/Unix-like shell commands are typically the same. What Ubuntu uses in the terminal is called "BASH."
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