why do we need a server?

0 J G · May 28, 2015
Why cannot I just download it on my laptop? Why do I have to find a server first?

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0 Dave . · June 2, 2015
No you don't need a server at all.

With any Windows 7 (8.1 or  10 I suppose now), Linux or Mac machine you can set it up as a development test environment.

You can install any web server software (IIS 7, Apache or your preferred flavor), php, MySQL and phpMyadmin right on the PC or Laptop.

Admittedly it can be a challenge to setup php on Windows until you have done it once.
0 mike richardson · May 29, 2015


Then you do not need a server but you will have to use workbench instead of PhP MyAdmin unless you want to set up Xamp.
0 J G · May 29, 2015
I am just watching the videos of MySQL.
0 mike richardson · May 28, 2015
Are you just using MySQL or are you learning PHP at the same time?
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