Any website for a beginner to practice? new in c++

0 Haowei Zhang · May 28, 2015
Hey guys, last year i had a semester course of python and c programming, and I am now trying to learn C++ on my own during summer vacation. 

I am learning from thenewboston tutorial videos so far, and wondering if there's any website that has exercises for me to practice? 

What i do now is to type the code after watching the tutorial to enhance my memory of that, but i really need some exercises to help me practice. Do you guys have some suggestions?

Thx a lot 

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+2 Homer Simpson · May 31, 2015
As others have recommended try getting yourself a book. Don't blaze through the book and do every exercise. Chances are though that you will find the excercises in the book very boring. To really learn in my opinion you have to work on on projects that you actually care about and apply what you're learning. If you don't know how to do something don't be afraid to google it. If you don't understand how the book explained something again don't be afraid to google it. When you're really stuck and you've done the research feel free to post the question somewhere. Best of luck. 
0 Wilmer Rodriguez · May 31, 2015
What I've  been doing is pretty much reading and research on the net. I have been watching videos on, thenewboston, (reading text), and (reading text). It isn't an easy language, but it depends on the individual. How drive you are and interested. And just take it easy. 
0 Troy Jones · May 31, 2015
Object oriented programming in C++ by Robert LaFore
It's old, but damn is it good.
0 Tatrasiel R · May 31, 2015
I agree with Homer in this!.
Pick up a project on git hub or something that you know you want to change or do something in.

or make your own project for something that you'll like.
0 Deni C++ · June 4, 2015
Check this one, it should help :)
0 Haowei Zhang · June 2, 2015
THX a lot for these really good advice ! 
0 Haowei Zhang · May 29, 2015
Yes, i did actually. I got myself "C++ primer plus" but i found that hard to understand at my current stage.
0 Lotfi Ace · May 30, 2015
code academy does that. 

check their website, they do that for many languages,
0 Tatrasiel R · May 30, 2015 is the best site for learning C++.
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