How do you get motivated?

+2 Joe Night · July 3, 2014
Everybody has those days when you just don't wanna get up. Maybe you're a little sick, maybe you have a hangover, or maybe you're just sick and tired of dealing with "that guy" at work... But you know ya gotta get up.

So when you're feeling rough or tired or sick, how do you get motivated to get shit done?

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0 Bos Eriko Reyes · August 10, 2014
simple. go offline on facebook.
+1 William Frost · August 8, 2014
Legal drugs, just like Hans Zimmer art :)
0 Kaveh Greenwood · August 8, 2014
I think a guy said drugs, sometimes that. :P

Coffee, a day off, or mental repetition of the objective I will complete.
0 Steven the awesome · July 19, 2014
I would drink coffee and more coffee, until I feel better. ;)
0 Joe Night · July 4, 2014
Syntactic - I like this mentality, visualizing what you want and keeping your goals in sight can be a great motivator! And cold showers really are just the best thing :D
0 Joe Night · July 3, 2014
Mathias - Haha, coffee is always good for that extra little boost :D

Buddy - I agree 100% on the importance of a positive attitude. Life is a lot easier when you embrace the challenges instead of dreading them. Better to see them as opportunities to show the world just how awesome you are!
+2 Buddy Blackford · July 3, 2014

just kidding.  Energy drinks/shots do help.  Calling in sick (if you can afford it) works every once in a while to get a break.  

also doing some positive things can help change your mood like eating some really delicious food.

putting your mind into a positive mindset helps a little.  remember your goals.  if you are trying to move up in the company then say to yourself that you need to go in and work at 100% to show the man you mean business and want a promotion.  

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