ISP. Where to start?

+2 Sampan Verma · May 24, 2015
I want to create my own ISP. Where do I start. I want a good search tag from where i should start searching.
I have 2 modems and 2 dongles. I want to connect to the internet on my own. What I want is to connect to the internet with unlimited speed and data. This seems crazy but I want to do something.

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0 Sampan Verma · June 3, 2015
starting an ISP and cracking a game are two different things. Moreover it is really a pain in *** to download GTA5 and Far Cry4. GTA 5 has been fixed as I had to change my date to 15-April-2015 and for Far Cry 4, I need DirectX 11 compatible GPU which I dont. I bought a new PC for Far Cry 4. 
0 Cardinal Coog · June 2, 2015
Nevermind... I remember you now... You're the one that can't open a cracked video game. Now, you want to start your own ISP. ROFLMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
0 Cardinal Coog · June 2, 2015
Basically, you would need to lease lines through your local Telco. At very minimum, you could start with a few T-1s or a T-3 (lines/switches). Maybe upgrade to an OC-48 or higher. You'll never get "unlimited" speed. That's a question of relevancy though.

You could look online, maybe ebay, for a Livingston PortMaster-3 or 4. Pick up a few Linux boxes. 

But, from a business standpoint, starting an ISP is cost prohibitive. In the U.S. we have oligopolies which means there are a handful of large enterprises (corporations) with more money than common sense that you would need to compete against (ie. Time Warner, AT&T, etc.)

Those two modems in your mom's basement ain't gonna work 
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