Can I develop an android game using only codeblocks??

0 Eddie Mcdonald · May 24, 2015
I want to start off by saying, I am brand new to the whole coding thing. I watched some tutorials on YouTube, and read some 
articles, however, I am very confused about something.

At first, I was interested in developing an iOS app, but then, I wanted to dive into learning how to code for both ios, and android.

So, I started (just started mind you) to learn c++. So that I would develop apps for both platforms.

Now, my question is, it seems so much more 'easy'  to develop an app for ios, in the sense that, you just download xcode, code what you need to code, and then upload it to the app store for consideration. I know it's not that easy and fast, but my point is, to develop an app for iphone/ipad/mac, all you have to do it just develop it inside xcode, and that's it. No other app to use. You do everything in xcode.

With android, it seems to be almost completely the opposite, there are so many programs that claim to be for "cross platform
development", and just so many different different programs in general that are used to develop an android app. 

I ended up downloading the program called "codeblocks", so, I'm trying to get familiar with that, and coding in c++ within

But then, I watched a video that said you need to download 'Android Studio' in order to create an android app, and also 
along with Android Studio, you have to download Java (which, I understand is the main coding language that is used for android apps, however, I know you can also develop an app using c++).

So my question is, if I originally downloaded codeblocks, where does that fall into place? I thought I could just use codeblocks to fully code and develop the app. Do you HAVE to use Android Studio??

I don't understand, do Android Studio and codeblocks work together?? For example, you code inside of codeblocks, and then take that code and input it into Android studio?

As I said, I'm brand new to this, it just seems like so much, all these apps. Are they needed? Are they just "freedom of 
personal choice" type thing.

Anyone that can help, I really appreciate it. I'm stuck at a hault, and I'm not sure what to do.

Also, from tutorials I've seen, it almost seems like Android Studio is like an "easy" way to create an app, sorta like a "drap and drop" type of method instead of actually writing out all the code.

Is it needed to learn how to code in order to make an app? Or does Android Studio kind of "walk" you through it?

I'd rather actually LEARN the code. It's just that there are so many videos on YouTube that say things like "make an app 
in just 15 minutes!!!".

It kind of seems like it give you templates to just kind of fill in. Like you're not really CREATING the app. Your just filling in the blanks so to speak.

And last but not least, should I learn c++ really well? Or is that more if you wanna develop computer programs and software?

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