When I select Google x86 API’s (same as Bucky), I get HAXM message – I will following instructions to load this now)
They recommend HAXM extra installer – this was already done in earlier video
they recommend executing HAXM executable.  I went to command line an got error message " HAXM is not a valid Win32 executable".

Later, I tried non-x86 VD (Android 5.1.1 ARM phone).  Wizard accepted it, but was unable to launch.  

Went back to android studio, and tried  to change “virtual device to render layout to the ARM virtual device:.  After “rendering” delay, got failure to render 

I am using netbook ASUS 1000HE with intel Atom N280 processor.  Specs says this does not support VTx virtualization. 

What can I do to work around this problem and continue with course?