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0 Boy Patas · July 3, 2014
Hi everyone, I have this idea to showcase different workstation setup from all the member of buckysroom :)

Just comment and start posting below. :) 

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0 Boy Patas · July 3, 2014
you are half correct, you physical setup of your workstation guys! :)
0 Chathula Sampath · July 5, 2014
@Mathias, srsly datz awsm one.. i like you house and the setup!! awsm
-1 Boy Patas · July 16, 2014
here's my home office setup! :)

-2 Boy Patas · July 16, 2014
you can check this page for FREE design resources as well. You may contribute if you want. :)
+1 Nikola Novakovic · July 21, 2014
Really sweet monitorrrrrrrrrrrrr Mathias :) 
0 Brandon Elliott · July 21, 2014
I am moving soon and plan to either build myself a new desk or buy one. I don't like the corner desk anymore.
+2 Eugene Botma · July 22, 2014

my good ole corner.

CPU: i7 3770k @ 4.2ghz
Cooler: Phanteks PH-TC14PE air cooler
Memory: 32GB corsair vengeance (16gb High profile, 16GB Low profile)
MB: MSI Z77 GD-65
Storage: 2x160GB Corsair force SSd raid0
3 1tb HDD raid0
PSU: cougar 1000W modular
case: GMC H-80
0 Nikola Novakovic · July 23, 2014
That looks really awesome Eugene! :)
-2 Brandon Elliott · July 23, 2014
my setup right now. pictures in my last post died.

hopefully will upgrade and get a nicer desk soon.

my modest little PC contains the following:

AMD FX 6300 6-core 3.5ghz
12gb RAM clocked at 1600mhz
some basic AMD Radeon GPU (not much of a gamer)
Asus Xonar DX 7.1 Sound Card (into music production and recording)
500W psu

my studio monitors are the Equator D5's from
+1 Eugene Botma · July 25, 2014
I thought i'd post my work desktop as well

Setup: 1x core 2 duo machine with a gtx 660, running windows (Big black screen and the one to its right.) This machine hosts a synergy server.
2x core 2 duo machines running Fedora (left 2 screens), connecting to the synergy server on the windows machine.

The screen to the far right is my clusters headnodes' screen. I don't use it often, just there for emergencies.
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