Hey guys. I wanted to start using PDT Eclipse because I imagine it would be really useful to work on my website www.Lupaw.meise.ch
The problem I got is that I don't get the apache localhost server to work the way I want. Or more specific : I don't know how to change the eclipse settings so when I press "Run as Web Client" that it automatically runs it with the XAMPP Apache URL.
It just always gives me an error like " Object not Found"

I know that are not many details but I just wanted to ask if anyone here has some knowledge in combining PDT Eclipse and XAMPP.

And if not. Do you have any good suggestions for an IDE with PHP / Html / Css where I can run the program by simply clicking a button to see the result on a website layout? Would be really usefull instead of always having to upload my files and refresh the website few times.

Thanks for any help and/or advice