How To Use Your Android Phone as Emulator

+2 Utkarsh Pateriya · May 23, 2015
do anyone knows how to use your android phone as an emulator Because my virtual emulator is not working , whenever i install a app in it , the app gets crashed . so if anyone knows please help me!!

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+1 Jimmy Kirkham · May 23, 2015

1. On your phone, go to Settings -> About Phone.

2. Press "Build number" seven times, this will enable Developer Options.

3. Go back into Settings, and you'll see a new option called "Developer Options"; click on it. 

4. Now find the option that says "USB debugging" and check the tickbox by tapping it.

5. If you're on Mac, skip this step. If you're on Windows, you need to download a USB driver for your phone (you can find a list here: Find the driver for your phone, and download and install it.

6. Connect your phone to your computer via a USB to Micro USB adaptor (that's the cable that connects to your charger).

7. Start/Restart Android Studio, and press SHIFT+F10 on Windows. If you're on Mac, then go to "Run" on the toolbar, and click "Run app".

8. Select "Choose a running device", click on your phone's name, and then press "OK".

Hope this helps!

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