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+1 Ryan Black · May 22, 2015
I'm a hobbyist and I have multiple registered domains(one hosted on a slow desktop in an office, all the others on a tumblr with modified api) and was looking to host all of them under a single account for around $10 or less.  I know hostgator offers this, but I'm interested to see anyone else's recommendations.  I am not opposed to using a terminal, in fact I desire to learn, I just need a resource to learn it quickly.  I'm currently looking at DigitalOcean, but I'm not sure if they support multiple domains or have the same bandwidth offer hostgator advertises.

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0 Silard Kovac · May 23, 2015
I'm using
It's free and when you get your url you go to .tk
and make a domain name with .tk
0 Ryan Black · May 23, 2015
I already own a few .com domains
0 Garrett Gillette · May 26, 2015
I would recommend either I believe its 2.99 a month if you buy 3 years thats what I did and I currently have 4 domains on that account.
0 Mazhar Ahmad · May 26, 2015
Hi Ryan,

If you are a student and just want to explore things, my organization would love to offer you free space in our server. You can also get any help regarding to web services. Please let me know if you still need it. Hope this would help.
0 Logan Lohman · May 28, 2015
I have a shared hosting account with hostgator (have since 2011) and their service is pretty good. They could be better in email, but you could always use amazon cloud services for sending out emails. I would recommend hostgator as a viable web host.
+2 Robert Dowson · June 3, 2015
If you sign up with DigitalOcean, it is cloud server, and of course you can host unlimited domains with them. You just need to make sure that you have ability to manage your linux server as they wont help to configure anything for you. :)
0 Jeff the Killer · June 24, 2015
u could use free trial web hosting (maybe)
0 Ashutosh Pednekar · June 25, 2015 is the best web hosst ever.......Moreover, ITS FREE..!!!
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