My friend came over to my house today. He's in an AP computer science class for High School, currently learning Java in his class.

He explained to me his AP test (his final):
He will be prompted to write a program with specific functions and features (something like a word scrambler and unscrambler program, or something related to Strings.).

He said that the code is to be written on paper. To get the highest grade, the program must work and not have errors of any kind. I was so confused that I asked him to restate what he had told me!

Seriously, how the heck are they supposed to write an efficient program on paper? Not even the best computer scientists can accomplish this easily.

Reasons like this are why I dropped out of HS in pursuit of self-teaching, and learning from books and the internet. Currently I'm taking my first steps in the gaming industry by releasing my first game soon.

The worst part is that he has to take like 3 other AP classes (and all of their finals, and the finals for regular classes), and each class is about 45 minutes.

What do you guys think? Is this test absurd or what?