Help! I'm a little lost by some JAVA terminology

+1 Number Double07 · May 20, 2015
okay, so I just started learning JAVA today, and they are referring to classes and methods.  Every code I have come across has a class.  It's a bit confusing for me because I am a C++ guy.  Is a class in Java the same as classes in C++?  And what is this method they speak of???  Are methods in Java like functions in C++?  Also, is there any other basic term I should be aware of.  

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+1 Jonas Meise · May 20, 2015
I don't know C++ but if comparing PHP and JAVA you can say Methods from Java = Functions from PHP.
+1 Kuroodo Ditory · May 21, 2015
So overall, in Java, classes are where you store specific methods and variables. Methods are what hold the code.

You access these methods by creating an object for the class they are in.

Basically in Java, you use the word method instead of function.
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