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0 Pointers doc · July 2, 2014
Hey bucy
first of all a big thanks for making your turtorial.

I watcht the C++ turtorial
i got like 80% of it
2 then i watcht the QT serials

I have both codebloks and QT installed
i tried to repeat hello world turtorial in QT buth failed even after including the #libraries from code blocks
i wanted to write txt to a textbox buth since i failed with even prompting hello world in a standart box .....

and to be honnest i would prefere working with code blocks is there a way that i can include gui support in Codeblocks?and if so how can i acces an ellement for exampel writing some text in a textbox i am pritty sure that cout would not work.

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0 Tamdio Foranz · July 14, 2014
CodeBlocks is about the worst thing you could ever use for GUI development though i am biased as a Qt contributor.

What exactly is your issue, I can assure you that Qt Creator works 100% fine with the C++ STL and if you downloaded the pre-compiled packages it includes gcc 4.8.

If you cant compile C++11 specific headers you need to add the following to your .pro file

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