Can't Install Intel HAXM

0 Ronald Sahagun · May 19, 2015
I was following Bucky's 4th video on the Android App Development for Beginners, and I was trying to install Intel HAXM. I did as he said, installing it from the SDK Manager. It didn't work when I tried running AVD Manager, so I looked at the comments and saw that I had to go to the SDK folder and install an .exe file, intelhaxm-android. But when I opened it, I got this:


What should I do now?

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0 Mark Tan · May 19, 2015
Boot into bios and enable the VT-x or your pc is not support. 
+2 Ramon Gimenez · May 19, 2015
I had the same problem. In my case it was an option in Avast AV (Options/Troubleshooting/Enable hardware-assisted virtualization) that didn't let me install HAXM. So I unchecked it and I could finally install it. Then I enabled the option in Avast again.
0 Ronald Sahagun · May 19, 2015
God... See, this is the thing with forums. It's like people aren't allowed to ask questions on forums. Actually, I already saw Mark's answer somewhere, but decided to ask anyway to see if there's a solution that doesn't require tinkering in the BIOS. I apologize, Raahim. From now on, I'll just Google everything and not go to forums. Forgive my insolence.
0 Mark Tan · May 20, 2015
Haha ... as Ronald said that's definitely weird when forum can't ask things ... because too simple question make the people feels lazy to answer but too difficult question will not getting any reply. So what i'm thinking is just try to mentioned the searched resources. Maybe it could help, i guess. :)
0 Steve Clauter · May 24, 2015
Hello, well I looked in my Bios and there is no VT-x option. I am running Win 8.1 on a Toshiba S55D Satellite with an AMD A10. So is there still a way to install the Itel HAXM accelerator? Thank you for any suggestions.
0 erik blue · May 24, 2015
im running hp pavilion 23 and running into the same problem. i enabled vt in bios already but still getting the error.
is it at all possible to continue the android app development without this feature?
0 Mark Tan · May 25, 2015
@Steve Clauter, i guess that is possible your pc doesn't support the VT-x ?

@erik blue, I don't think android app development need that to start the emulator. For me native development is doesn't need to turn on the VT-x, i only get error when i develop the hybrid mobile app and debug with emulator. 
0 David Steiber · May 26, 2015
Hey all.   I am not sure my computer can run this hardware virtualization.  I built this computer about 5 years ago.  Does this mean I need a new motherboard?  What hardware must I buy (if i even need to buy).. or software must I download in order to be able to use this Intel HAXM?/images/forum/upload/2015-05-25/242d89b1d6b6a1674fe251ff9c0f3dbc.PNG
0 Mark Tan · May 26, 2015
Please make sure you installed the Intel x86  ......

Refer the link for more details.
0 erik blue · May 26, 2015
@mark tan not sure if i understand your answer. im pretty new to all this. Can i use my phone as a emulator, or do i need this virtual emulator to build a app for play store?
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