How to set up video links and one player like on Bucky's site?

+1 michael wion · May 18, 2015
Hi I've been looking for a way to set up video links on the same page as 
the video player - just like on so that when a 
link is clicked the video plays in the video player that's on the same page
as the links.

I haven't been able to find any answers on the web so far.

Would anybody be able to help with this please?

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0 Ian Arbuckle · May 18, 2015
You mean embedding the youtube playlists on the site? I
0 michael wion · May 19, 2015
HI and thanks for you reply and suggestion.

I know how to embed a single YouTube video on a webpage 
using iframe.

But I'm after the same or similar setup for videos as they are 
on this page:

A main video player near the top of the page and a list
of links down the left hand side. 

When you click on a particular link that video opens in the video 
player without the page being reloaded.

That's what I'm after.  
+1 Ian Arbuckle · May 19, 2015
Bucky used php to link each video inside a category and used CSS to style the table. So you be looking at php, html and CSS to do it.
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