How do I get Bitcoins?

0 will mead · July 2, 2014
Hi, I've been wondering how I can get Bitcoins, as they use them on this website. But I can't buy anything 'cus I haven't got any! Please help and excuse me for my lack of knowledge, I'm only 13!

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+1 Megos Unknown · July 16, 2014
Use my site. I compiled a list of sites that are not scams and really pay so here you go. :)
0 Alec Heiser · July 6, 2014
You can join a pool with that program.
0 Alec Heiser · July 6, 2014

0 Buddy Blackford · July 3, 2014
1. sign up for
2. buy bitcoins
3. profit
+1 H. P. Lovecraft · July 2, 2014
There are many sites that give out free bitcoins, but in very small amounts though, like less than cents. You could also provide a service e.g. making websites for people, apps etc.
+3 Samuel Oloruntoba · July 2, 2014
you can try out these website, they give bitcoins for free

also, you can check out this cool page CLICK ME, I GO TO COOL PAGE
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