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0 Montaser Qasem · May 17, 2015
Hello Guys , i recently watched Java script Bucky TOT and i finished it , but the TOT is pretty basic i need to know Advance Topics in JS so before i go to search Books is there any one knows Java script Advance TOTs ?i need to learn it in order to start making some Cool Canvas Applications So,HELP ME GUYS FROM WHERE I SHOULD START ?:)

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0 Alex Cassady · May 18, 2015
Canvas API:
Advanced JavaScript: or you could read Sitepoint's Javascript: Novice to Ninja

I would also recommend learning jQuery. In the JavaScript world, it's everywhere.
0 Ali Hassan · May 18, 2015
well i posted this before for a really good resource i would recommend Udacity They have a beginner / intermediate / advanced javascript free courses .!%2Fall
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A scripting language that is added to standard HTML to create interactive effects, apps, games for the browser.