Computer Turn on by itself (Windows 8.1)

+1 Sengngy Kouch · May 17, 2015
Hi mates!

I wonder if you guy have this problem before when your computer turn on by itself. 

I have my computer plugged into the wall, I wonder if it is the bios or if there is any problem with windows 8.1 itself?

Thank you.

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+1 Ali Hassan · May 18, 2015
hmm....this problem used to happen with me cuz of the internet drive kept waking the pc up when ever there was an internet connection....

i had a really bad internet connection so internet used to cut off and come back again when it comes back again it wakes the pc up and i fixed that by going to the driver settings then in power management tab you will see allow this driver to wakeup the computer.........that was the case for me Tho.
+1 Colonel Panic · May 18, 2015
Two things that can possibly have happened.  

1 What the guy above said.  There are lots of "wake on" settings that could be turning it on.  

2 A virus over wrote your shutdown to point to restart.  It's common on viruses that want to do nothing but use your computer to generate traffic in a botnet for DDOS.   Therefore the virus needs you to be on to participate. 
0 Sengngy Kouch · May 18, 2015
@Ali Hassan: I tried that out awhile ago and I even disable the Lan wake up from bios, and it still not fix the problem.

Thank you though!! :D
0 Sengngy Kouch · May 18, 2015
@:[]kl:|&  : First of all, why would you use that kind of name, lol! 

and secondly, I also look into your #2, but I did a full computer scan for my PC, but I didn't have any virus. 

My what I know, my PC start by itself with a day of not turning it on.
+2 Ali Hassan · May 18, 2015
no problem but it might be another driver tho and in worst case a virus like the other guy said ... but i didnt really get that far so i dont really have much to tell...Sorry and hope you fix that soon :D
+2 Colonel Panic · May 18, 2015
Start Sarcasm:  Ohh, you have anti-virus, excuse me.  You are certainly running an impenetrable machine.  :End Sarcasm

My display name is a hacker attack method.   It is used as a method of DoS for remote execution that requires zero privileges to cause a massive amount of damage.  It's called a fork bomb.
+2 Alf Nohr · May 19, 2015
Have you checked your house for ghosts though?
+1 Sengngy Kouch · May 19, 2015
@Ali: thank man!

@{}:{{}))Df0asdf : lol, yeah, maybe!

@Alf: yeah, last night, I found one. and I finish her off with my chopsticks! :D
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