Can I install first helloworld app on my device?

0 David Szalai · May 16, 2015
Hello everyone,

I want to know how can i install my first "Hello world" application on my device.
So not by the green run app button in Android studio, but is there any way to install
it, like if it was a comple application? So i can use my app with unplugged device too.
I hope you got what i mean.

I couldn't find answers yet but i'm sure it is possible somehow. Thanks for replies.


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0 steven kitchener · May 17, 2015
Once an application has been run on your phone via a USB cable you will be able to open it any time you like (without your phone being plugged in if you wish) The only thing is, if you make changes to the code in Android studio then to implement those changes on your phones version too will require you to replug your phone in and effectively reinstall that application.

If your question was regarding other people being able to install your application without having the Computer-USB-Phone connection then you will have to upload this application to the Google Play Store. I wont explain how to do this here but this link should provide you with the information you need. 

Plus there are many many more sites with additional websites concerning this too


0 David Szalai · May 18, 2015
Thank you! And can you tell me exactly please where can i find that file on my device?
0 steven kitchener · May 18, 2015
It should appear in your applications. Look for the name of the file of you project and the icon will likely be the green Android droid. If you still cant find it you can look in your storage->applications->installed, you should find it in there
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