How Can I Recover Deleted Files From My D Drive?

+5 Developer John · May 15, 2015
The title basically explains it. My antivirus software deleted my files on my D drive and I don't know how to recover them. Please help.

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0 Vpmsae lok · May 19, 2016
After searching, I find this guide:
0 Chan Lee · July 20, 2016
If you lost data on your computer, you may need a data recovery software to help you recover those lost data:
0 Stella Wilson · August 29, 2016
You can also follow the link below to get back your lost data from your D drive easily if you have this drive as an external drive:
0 mark mohan · September 28, 2016
You can easily recover deleted or inaccessible data from a Windows computer system, with the help of a Windows data recovery software. Kernel for Windows Data Recovery is such an effective and secure software that allows you to recover lost data from damaged or formatted Windows Hard drive. It also helps you to recover data from different removal devices like ZIP, PEN, SCSI, EIDE, IDE, SATA and USB drives. For more information, visit:
0 Laura Prepon · December 22, 2016
I have not used but have heard good things about Data Recovery.

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