How Can I Recover Deleted Files From My D Drive?

+5 Developer John · May 15, 2015
The title basically explains it. My antivirus software deleted my files on my D drive and I don't know how to recover them. Please help.

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0 Shreyan Bakshi · November 28, 2015
You can use 'Recuva' -

Its a free tool to recover deleted files on your hard drive.
0 Gigi Jenner · December 15, 2015
Try some recovery app like Jihosoft File Recovery. It should work.
0 Alex Saymond · December 30, 2015
you can easily recovery deleted and corrupted Windows data items from inaccessible Windows partitions using Kernel for Windows Data Recovery Software. You can also run this tool to recover data from FAT/NTFS partitions and PEN, ZIP, SATA, USB drives. Get complete detail about this tool visit
0 logan.finchlogan.finch@gmail.c · February 4, 2016
HI John
It seems like some of your files on D Drive might got infected by virus and in response  the antivirus software deleted or quarantined them. You can try searching them in quarantined section of your antivirus and restore them.

If you are unable the find your files under quarantined section you may take help of a Data Recovery Software.

2 popular Data recovery Software with best of my knowledge are
!. Recuva
2. HDD File Recovery Software:

Please feel free to contact for more :)
0 logan.finchlogan.finch@gmail.c · February 4, 2016
Hi John

It seems like your D Drive got infected by virus and in response antivirus quarantined it. It happens a lot of times so don't worry you can try searching them in quarantined section of your antivirus.
In most cases they can be restored from quarantined section but in case they are permanently deleted you may try Data recovery Software.
I am listing 2 data recovery software with best of my knowledge
1. Recuva
0 Evan Stathem · March 10, 2016
If your system got infected by micro file extension ransomware virus then you can only get back your files after deleting this threat. Click here to get help to remove micro file extension ransomware virus from your computer :-
0 Evan Stathem · March 10, 2016
If your PC is infected by micro file extension virus and you have lost your data then the best way to reocver your data is remove micro file extension virus from your computer.
0 Jim Surfwer · March 17, 2016
First, you need to remove all those viruses and install updated antivirus program to keep your system free from dangerous viruses. Then recover deleted files by using recovery tool. Once I lost my files by typing the wrong command in Mac terminal which results in data loss after searching a lot I was able to recover files by referring this page.
0 Mohamed Nashaat · April 25, 2016
Try searching for any recovering tool online and download it then it will show you all deleted data even if you erased all the hard disk it is still recoverable 
0 Oliver Powell · May 17, 2016
Hey Developer John,


There may be chances that your files get affected by the virus, which your antivirus couldn't be able to stop. The data which has been deleted are just not visible to you, but are actually stored in the hard drive. There are various tools available in the market which can easily recover your data. Some of the known data recovery tools are:


1) Recuva

2) Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery - Professional -

These software will easily recover your lost data.

Good Luck!!!!

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